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Mullein + Piñon Pine Salve

$6.00 - $18.00

  • Image of Mullein + Piñon Pine Salve
  • Image of Mullein + Piñon Pine Salve
  • Image of Mullein + Piñon Pine Salve
  • Image of Mullein + Piñon Pine Salve

My shop is temporarily closed until mid to late May. If you need to message me: moonfloweralchemy@gmail.com


My Mullein + Piñon Pine Salve is made with care in small batches with organic oils infused with Mullein Leaves and Flowers from our organically grown garden in southwest Oregon and wild Piñon Pine Resin that my husband and I gather from our family property in northwest New Mexico's high desert.

Created to help us care for ourselves and others when experiencing the discomfort that comes with chest, neck and back muscle tightness associated with coughs. It also comes in handy for helping to draw splinters from skin and for caring for swollen lymph nodes. If you have any questions about this product you can contact me.

Even though both Mullein and Pine have very long and safe histories of use--especially topically--regulations do not allow me to go into detail about their medicinal actions. I highly encourage you to research Mullein and Piñon Pine or Pine in general if you are not already familiar with them. In the meanwhile here are two educational resources to get you started:



● Organic Apricot Seed Oil
● Organic Grapeseed Oil
● Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oil
● Organic Mullein Flowers & Leaves
● Wild Piñon Pine Resin
● Organic Beeswax

● 1/2 ounce rectangular slide tin
● 1 ounce round tin with twist-on lid
● 2 ounce round tin with twist-on lid

With clean hands or spoon, scoop out some salve and massage it into skin using circular motions. When using as a chest rub, in addition to your chest and throat, applying it to your back and the bottoms of your feet (put on some socks after applying) can also be very soothing and helpful. After applying salve, for less mess, wipe hands with paper towel or napkin to remove excess salve. Apply as needed.


☾~✿ Be a reflection of the Beauty and Magic of Nature ✿~☽

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