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NATURAL HANDS Hand Cleansing Spray


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My NATURAL HANDS Hand Cleansing Spray is an all natural spray-on hand cleanser. Great for on-the-go or for times when soap and water hand washing just isn't an option, such as when you are running errands, camping or otherwise on the go. Leaves hands feeling clean and smooth without sticky residue or overpowering scent. Offers a safe, pleasant and effective option for those of us who do not want to use chemical-laden products on our skin.

★ Organic Rose Hydrosol
★ Distilled Grain Alcohol (75%)
★ Organic Aloe Vera Gel
★ Organic Vegetable Glycerine
★ Yarrow Extract
★ Vitamin E (non-GMO)
Optional Lavender essential oil

★ au naturel/plain-- No essential oil
★ Lavender Essential Oil

2 ounce reusable or recyclable dark glass bottle with atomizer.

Shake before each use. Spray 4 sprays into the palm of your non-dominant hand and then rub both hands together as if washing them with soap and water until all of the natural hand cleaner is absorbed. Repeat if you need extra cleaning.


☾~✿ Be a reflection of the Beauty and Magic of Nature ✿~☽

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