Palo Santo Anointing Oil


  • Image of Palo Santo Anointing Oil
  • Image of Palo Santo Anointing Oil

My Palo Santo Anointing Oil is handmade in small batches, with gentle heat, time and care. This all natural, deeply infused oil is created for it's lovely scent, uplifting vibes and skin softening touch, with spiritual anointing and energy enhancing in mind. Each roll-on bottle of oil also contains a few pices of Palo Santo wood and some pretty little Rose quartz chips, charged with Reiki my me :-)

I have enjoyed receiving feedback from customers letting me know me know how they are using this oil. Many folks use it as a natural perfume oil but others like to use it for raising vibrations to enhance: mood, prayer, meditation, yoga, ceremony, space clearing and energy healing work. One of my customers likes to use it to anoint her wrists and chest before she does her yoga and meditation in the mornings. She says that when she moves through her flow and catches the scent, she feels happy. When she meditates she loves being able to smell it while she breathes it in during her calm state.

Palo Santo or "Holy Wood" is a natural aromatic wood that is generally considered to have a pleasant woodsy aroma that can be hard to describe. To me personally it smells a little bit like Cedar but sweeter, with perhaps a hint of floral. It truly is a unique scent that myself and so many others find to be so pleasurable, uplifting and calming. It is best known for its use in incense and for smudging but is worked with and enjoyed in other ways as well.

Over the last several years or so Palo Santo has grown increasingly popular and with it the increasingly high demand for it which has unfortunately lead to unethical harvesting of the trees for their wood. I am not ready to stop using Palo Santo just yet so I have worked hard to find a source I feel good about. I very rarely burn the wood now, preferring to make infused oil with it instead which goes much further.

● Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oil
● Organic Apricot Kernel Oil
● Palo Santo Wood
● Palo Santo Resin
● Rose quartz chips

10 ml roll-on glass bottle with plastic ball & lid

Roll applicator onto onto your pulse points and/or chakra points. You can apply some to fingers to anoint yourself, someone else or ceremonial items such as candles. I especially love to put it on my palms, wrists, temples and over my heart.


☾~✿~ Be a reflection of the Beauty and Magic of Nature ~✿~☽

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