Rugosa Rose Honey Elixir


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  • Image of Rugosa Rose Honey Elixir
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  • Image of Rugosa Rose Honey Elixir

★ Nervous system
★ Digestive system
★ Immune system
★ Respiratory system
★ Urinary system
★ Reproductive system
(And more! Most plants have multiple ways in which they support us.)

My Rugosa Rose Elixir is made in small seasonal batches with Rugosa Rose petals that my Husband and I hand-pick from our organic garden in southwest Oregon. My Mother gave me this Rose plant which she started from the Rugosa in her garden. The brightly colored, beautifully fragrant Rose petals are extracted while fresh which makes all the difference to me. I deeply enjoy the entire process of making this. It has become one of the things that I look most forward to making and enjoying each Summer.

✿ Organic Rugosa Rose Petals
✿ Vodka (*100 proof/50%)
✿ Organic Raw Wildflower Honey

I tend to feel that just about everyone can benefit from Rose's special touch this day and age. Rose is long known for it's ability to uplift, calm, comfort and cool. I personally use it to support my mood and overall sense of emotional well being, to cool myself when I am experiencing hot flashes or when feeling uncomfortable and irritated by hot weather. I also really enjoy it when I just feel like infusing myself with the beauty and magic of Rose. This elixir is lovely sipped in beverages of all kinds from water, lemonade and teas to mocktails and cocktails.

I encourage you to research Rose if you are not familiar with it. If you have any questions about this product you can contact me. In the meanwhile here is an educational resource to get you started:


An Elixir is essentially a sweetened tincture (alcohol extract), in this case it is sweetened with Honey. Adding the Honey takes the edge off of the alcohol taste and makes it a bit more enjoyable. It also contains less alcohol because the Honey takes the place of some of the alcohol. And last but not least, Honey has its own magic to offer. Honey is considered a food and it does offer trace vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are known for supporting overall health.

1 oz. cobalt blue glass dropper bottle.

This extract may be taken by drops or by dropperfuls. Each bottle is labeled with general usage guidelines to help you choose the right dose for you.

Even though humans have been benefiting from Rose for centuries
for body, mind and spirit and in food, beverages and medicine, regulations do not allow herbalists that are selling products online to explain how herbs work in our bodies or make claims that they prevent, mitigate, treat or cure a disease.


☾~✿ Be a reflection of the Beauty and Magic of Nature ✿~☽

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