**My shop is still closed while my husband and I set up our lives in a new state**


Moon Flower Alchemy is a Nature inspired, handmade, small batch, labor of creative love apothecary shop that took root in southwest Oregon in 2010 and online in 2013. 

I offer handmade herbal products made with the utmost care, to support bodies, lift spirits and delight senses. Everything that I make is all natural, usually organic and/or non-GMO, sometimes wild and always as fresh and vibrant as possible. Everything that I am offering is either made-to-order (Elderberry syrup, body butters, salves, lip balms) or is bottled (tinctures, elixirs, infused oils) just for you. 


About us:


I am a community herbalist serving my family, friends and clients, both locally and long distance. I began self-studying herbs as a teen, already having a strong interest in natural health thanks to my mother. I have completed 2 comprehensive courses in traditional western herbalism, taken over 40 supplemental classes and have had a lot of practice with myself and others, including some animals. I am continually learning, researching and applying what I have learned. 


My husband of 22 years, Brian has incredibly green thumbs and does the bulk of our gardening. He assists me with harvesting, foraging and post office deliveries and he also makes the botanical soaps that we sometimes offer. 

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