***My shop is still temporarily closed while my husband and I complete my new apothecary building***



  • For the most part I choose to work with 100 proof non-GMO, gluten-free Vodka for making my alcohol extracts. I prefer it because it contains 50% alcohol and 50% water which extracts both the alcohol soluble and the water soluble properties of plant matter. I like that it makes my tinctures ready to be taken straight from the dropper--under the tongue--for quick delivery. Although they can also be diluted in a 'shot' of water or other beverage if preferred. 


  • With few exceptions (such as tea blends and resins), I tend to work with fresh plant matter. That is what feels most natural to me and what I feel offers the best results. The majority of the plant matter that I work with is either grown in our all organic garden (pesticide-free, herbicide free, NO synthetic fertilizers) or ethically wild harvested from our surrounding pristine wilderness.


  • Since COVID reared its great and awful head, some of you have inquired about sterilization. YES, I do sterilize and it is very time consuming. All bottles, droppers, jars, lids, salve tins, measuring cups, utensils, bowls, double boiler, pots, etc. are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. I also prepare everything in a dedicated work space that is clean, chemical-free, smoke-free and pet-free. I also wear protective gloves much of the time because even the cleanest of hands still harbor bacteria because we all naturally have bacteria living on our skin. I have always done this though, I did not start just because of COVID. 


  • I generally require 2 to 5 days to process orders, some of my products are prepared beforehand and ready to go out more quickly but others are made-to-order and/or custom orders which both take time. I do not like to hastily rush though my processes because each and every one of my customers is deserving of my patience and presence. However, please know that I do understand that most folks eagerly anticipate the arrival of their orders (I certainly do as a customer) so I do not take more time than I truly need. If you want to check in with me about my time frame just ask.


  • If you are wanting a custom order you can use the 'contact' section here at my site or you can email me: moonfloweralchemy@gmail.com


  • I ship via USPS First Class Mail which generally seems to take the postal service 3 to 5 business days for delivery depending upon where you are located in the US. 
  • PLEASE keep in mind that once your order is placed there is my processing time AND the USPS shipping time to consider. Your order will have a USPS tracking number so that you can keep track of your order while it is on its journey to your mailbox. 


  • Something amiss? Due to the personal nature of my products I can not accept returns or exchanges because I can not resell them once they have been opened. However, if there seems to be a problem with your order please contact me about it as soon as you are aware of it so I can start working on a solution. If you can take a picture of it to show me it may help me to decide how to rectify the situation more quickly, especially if I might need to involve the postal service.


  • I now have a reviews section...just locate the tab across the top of the page. You can also read my etsy shop reviews here: Click here!


  • I do not offer wholesale because I truly am a small batch shop and only have so much of everything. The majority of the plant matter that I use is either from our own garden or gathered from the wild in ethical amounts which is limiting.


  • Everything I that I send out comes wrapped in colorful tissue paper. If you would like a little card with a message included, make sure you let me know what you would like the message to say. 


Thank you for choosing Moon Flower Alchemy for some of your handcrafted herbal needs! 


☮ Bonnie Kay

        ☾~✿~ Be a reflection of the Beauty and Magic of Nature ~✿~☽