**My shop is still closed while my husband and I set up our lives in a new state**



  • Since COVID reared its great and awful head, some of you have inquired about sterilization. I do sterilize and it is very time consuming. All bottles, droppers, jars, lids, salve tins, measuring cups, utensils, bowls, double boiler, pots, etc. are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. I also prepare everything in a dedicated work space that is clean, toxic chemical-free, smoke-free and pet-free. I also wear protective gloves much of the time because even the cleanest of hands still harbor bacteria because we all naturally have bacteria living on our skin. I have always done this though, I did not start just because of COVID. 


  • I now live in a much more rural area where the post office is 30 minutes away in good weather when the roads are passable. As a result, I now only go to the post office once per week to mail orders. In general, I will be shipping your order by 7-days from your order date. If you have any questions you can message me through the 'contact' section of my site here or email me: moonfloweralchemy@gmail.com


  • If you are wanting a custom order you can use the 'contact' section here at my site or you can email me: moonfloweralchemy@gmail.com


  • I ship via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail depending upon the weight of your order. When I ship your order out you will receive a notification with the tracking number so you can keep track of its whereabouts on its journey to you. 
  • PLEASE keep in mind that once your order is placed there is my processing time AND the USPS shipping time to consider. You can message me to check my timeframe if you have time concerns.


  • Something amiss? Due to the personal nature of my products I can not accept returns or exchanges because I can not resell them once they have been opened. However, if there seems to be a problem with your order please contact me about it as soon as you are aware of it so I can start working on a solution. If you can take a picture of it to show me it may help me to decide how to rectify the situation more quickly, especially if I might need to involve the postal service.


  • This site of mine does not offer a review section like etsy has but you can read my etsy shop reviews here if you want to know my track record: Click here!


  • I do not offer wholesale because I truly am a small batch shop and only have so much of everything. And honestly, I prefer to not have anyone else representing me and my products.   


  • Everything I that I send out comes wrapped in colorful tissue paper. If you would like a little card with a message included, make sure you let me know what you would like the message to say. 



Thank you for choosing Moon Flower Alchemy for some of your handcrafted herbal needs! 


☮ Bonnie Kay

        ☾~✿~ Be a reflection of the Beauty and Magic of Nature ~✿~☽