Usnea Double Extract

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  • Image of Usnea Double Extract
  • Image of Usnea Double Extract
  • Image of Usnea Double Extract
  • Image of Usnea Double Extract

● Immune System
● Respiratory System
● Urinary System
● Digestive system
(And more! Most plants have multiple ways in which they support us.)

My Usnea Double Extract is made every year in late Winter/early Spring in small batches using fresh Usnea that my husband and I gather locally here in southwest Oregon where it grows in abundance. Even though it is plentiful here, it is a slow growing lichen that is of extreme importance to the environment. Following a strong winter storm we gather it from old growth forest deep in the woods where it is very clean, moist and fragrant. We never pull it from the trees, we collect it from the Huckleberry shrubs that it blows down into. I prepare it with alcohol, water, gentle heat and time. The 1st picture above shows the beginning of that process.

● Fresh Usnea (Usnea longissima)
● Vodka (1:2/50%)
● Distilled Water (12.5%)

Usnea is honestly one of the most important extracts that I make. I have found it to be incredibly helpful due to how well it can work when used internally, externally or both! If you have any questions about this product you can contact me. In the meanwhile, here is an educational resource to get you started. Just copy and paste link to your browser:


● 1 oz. dark glass bottle with dropper lid
● 2 oz. dark glass bottle with dropper lid

Each bottle comes labeled with general usage guidelines to help you choose the right dose for you. This herbal extract works best when taken at the first signs of needing it.

Even though Usnea has a long and safe history of use, regulations do not allow me to go into detail about its medicinal actions or make claims that any of my products prevent, mitigate, treat or cure a disease.


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