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Sweet Violet Body Butter


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My all natural small batch, hand-blended body butter is a luxurious treat for our skin. With a consistency much like softened dairy butter, it glides on smoothly and a little dab will do. Even though it is rich and 'buttery' it absorbs somewhat quickly, leaving skin feeling quite soft and hydrated with a gentle Violet flower aroma. Made-to-order just for you with care using skin nourishing oils infused with wild Violet leaves (and a small amount of flowers) harvested from a wild area of my friend Nancy's property in Langlois, Oregon.

This butter is especially nice to use for breast self care. Violet is known for supporting healthy lymph flow and for helping to soothe breast discomfort associated with hormonal fluctuations.

● Organic *Deodorized Cocoa Butter
● Organic Coconut Oil
● Organic Grapeseed Oil
● Organic Rosehip Seed Oil
● Wild Violet Leaves & Flowers
● Wild Violet **CO2 Extract

*The Cocoa Butter was deodorized by steam and filtering screens. No chemicals were used during the refining process. I love the incredible benefits of Cocoa Butter but don't always want it's natural chocolate scent, depending on what I am creating with it.

**The extract that I use is cold-processed and food-grade for both culinary and cosmetic use.

2 ounce clear glass jar with silver screw-on lid.

Please note!! Weather can effect the consistency of this butter. If weather has been hot it is possible for it to melt and become runny. So far this has only been reported to me 4 times. If this happens to you...please do not freak out ;-)...you can just put it in your fridge for 20 minutes or so until it solidifies once again.

Also, if the weather has been quite cold it can become more hard and solid, you might even see tiny solid pieces of the Coconut oil which will melt upon contact with your skin. With either weather scenario it does not spoil the body butter and it will still be a lovely treat for your skin. If you want to contact me about this please do.


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